Tournament Rules

  1. Matches are all to be two 7-minute periods with a 1-minute half time.
  2. In the event of a match being drawn at the end of normal time, extra time will be played until a winner is determined. Extra time will be in periods of five minutes. After each period the teams will change ends without an interval. In extra time the Team which scores first will immediately be declared the winner without further play.  The Team that first kicked off will do so again in the first period of extra time, and subsequent kick-offs will alternate between the two sides. 
  3. The 12-person NCR Match Roster shall be submitted to the No. 4 Official no less than 15 minutes prior to the kick-off time. For in-stadium matches, the roster will be submitted to the No. 4 during the pre-game warmup located at the table directly next to the warm-up space.
  4. The tournament roster (maximum of 15 players and 4 coaches/non-player personnel) must be submitted by Tuesday, May 17. 
  5. There is a limit of 5 substitutions in each match per World Rugby laws.
  6. Players may only play for one club in the tournament. A team that uses an ineligible player will forfeit that match and be subject to additional disciplinary actions by NCR.
  7. ‍A player sent off (red card) during any match is ineligible for the remainder of the tournament, unless the red card is a result of two yellow cards in the same match AND one of the yellows was the result of a repeated team offense. 
  8. Kicks for goal must be taken from within the pitch NOT on the outside of the dead ball line.
  9. Any team arriving less than 2 minutes prior to the scheduled kick-off time will forfeit the match. For in-stadium games, teams must report to the in-stadium warm-up space by halftime of the penultimate match before theirs and to the dugout by halftime of the game before theirs. Any team arriving more than 2 minutes late to the in-stadium warm-up space will forfeit. 
  10. Toss - The toss to decide who will kick off and to choose ends will take place at half time of the preceding match. The toss shall be conducted by the match referee with the captain of each team in attendance at 10 minutes prior to kickoff.
  11. For all matches where there is a jersey color clash, the team wearing the alternate kit will be determined by coin toss.
  12. Teams, including all players, coaches and personnel, must adhere to the technical zones painted on each field. 
  13. All players, coaches, and spectators must abide by the NCR Code of Conduct.